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A powerful technique for studying competitors

Studying competitors is a vital necessity. There are many sayings on this score: “I would have known a redemption, I would have lived in Sochi”, “I would have known where I would fall, I would have laid straws”. The essence of the latest wisdom is that it is always useful to have information, which is reflected in the well-known expression that says that “Who owns the information, owns the world.”

Studying the competitors in the latest method

To have information is always and everywhere useful. For example, if you know what the weather will be like, you can make a number of decisions: take an umbrella or not, wear very warm clothes or not very warm clothes. All this allows you to get rid of many unpleasant situations. For example, if it rains and you take an umbrella, you will get rid of the need to dry clothes and hair.

At the same time, if you took an umbrella, but there was no rain, you will have to carry it with you, which is not always convenient. Or to you, if you, looking at the pleasant morning sun, decided to put on light clothing, but then got colder, you will have to freeze. In turn, if you wear warm clothes without knowing that it will be hot, you will have to suffer all day, be wet with sweat and produce an odd smell associated with its secretion.

Obviously, the information, if it is timely, always allows you to get rid of various troubles, of course, except for the cases when the information that you own is needed by someone very serious. If you have information at the right time, you can plan your behavior, predict the behavior of your friends, enemies, competitors, in general, all those with whom you have to have certain things.

Studying competitors can significantly save money and nerves

Especially important is the possession of information, if you are in business. Studying competitors can significantly save money and nerves. However, the reality is that very few people want to share relevant information, because the presence of some information that others do not have, provides significant competitive advantages, and therefore money.

Naturally, you can get almost any information, the only question is how much you can spend on getting it. We can talk about different amounts, ranging from free information, to amounts in the billions of dollars. In this case, there are cases when, instead of information, you can get misinformation, and no matter how much money you spend.

There are two most significant criteria in case information is needed: cost and reliability. Business has always been the most problematic area for obtaining reliable and most importantly inexpensive information. It has always been this way, but with the advent of BPA-12, the technology has become much easier. Now the study of competitors, partners, suppliers can be done quickly and inexpensively.

With this technology, 12 base points that are important from a marketing point of view are analyzed.

The BPA-12 nootechnology is a technology for obtaining for marketing purposes reliable information about companies and determining the potential for cooperation with them based on the analysis of their sites. Through this technology, 12 base points that are important from a marketing point of view are analyzed. Information for analysis is taken from the site, which is considered as a projection of the company as a whole.

The use of such technology is fair for the reason that everything that is typical for a company is reflected in the structure its site acquires, it acts as a kind of “impression” of the company. The experience of using this nootechnology shows that its reliability is 98%. As a rule, the conclusions that were obtained using this technology were confirmed by the practice.

But BPA-12 is very easy to use, but very serious and effective. It allows you to conduct a study of competitors and get all the most important characteristics of any company in the world:
degree of maturity of the company
customer orientation
communicative competence
focus on creating customer relationships
product promotion
attitude to quality

The scope of application of BPA-12 is rather wide. With it, you can find out more than 90% of information about competitors. In particular, it allows the following:
conduct a qualitative and comprehensive analysis of specific companies
to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, partners, suppliers, investors in order to cooperate, protect and attack
identify the strategy used by competitors, partners, suppliers, investors, buyers
collect information that will determine the most effective methods of starting cooperation with new partners
determine the reliability of partners
determine the real strength of competitors
identify potential cooperation

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