Effective ways to complete a transaction
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How to build the strongest business
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How to export to rich countries

The strategy of exporting to rich countries is a clear answer to the question of how to sell to such regions and countries as Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, China and some others. An effective export strategy is always based on the knowledge of the mentality of the country or region with which you plan to work. Without this, failure is guaranteed to happen.

Export Strategy to Rich Countries

What is the basic difference between West and East? The East is a place in general scarce, where everything is lacking. This forms a deficient mentality that determines consumer habits, the concept of business and life in general, and the same economy. A businessman with an oriental mentality looks at the world with deficient eyes, he thinks that everything and everyone is lacking.

In his concept, in order for a business to go, it is enough just to have some product and offer it to customers. The quality of the product, its characteristics, are not very important, because there is no other option, and therefore the consumer has no choice. The lack of economy is manifested in everything, including the fact that there is a huge shortage of customers who can sell goods.

Eastern mentality generates and the corresponding type of sales – vtyuing, i.e. the desire to sell goods in any way. If a client has approached, he should definitely fall in love, because there may simply not be another client. In the process of vtyuhinga there is a substitution of concepts. Under the human need offers the wrong product that can satisfy it.

This is on the vine kills sales, reduces them at times

Not the product that is able to truly realize the idea that the buyer has is sold. A person buys, but remains unsatisfied, because he bought the wrong thing. Several of these “purchases” and he is already afraid to buy something at all. This is on the vine kills sales, reduces them at times. As a result, all this generates hundreds or even thousands of unfulfilled desires, constant fear, fear of shopping.

A deficient economy creates total psychological stress and leads to the fact that a person is capable of minimal physical stress. In such an economy, goods for psychological relief are especially good. There is another interesting point, which is that due to the fact that a lot of unnecessary goods are bought that do not satisfy the need, the habit of getting rid of what is not needed is formed.

In the normal sales – the process of transferring what the customer really needs. In the East, distributes sales – the process of transferring what you do not need yourself. It is clear that in such conditions money is not created, but only redistributed. Money is created only as a result of an equal exchange and satisfaction of desires and this happens in the West.

You can earn money only in the West and for this you need the right export strategy that allows you to understand the market. The West is a surplus place. There, in general, everything is enough for everyone. In the West, the desires of people are more satisfied. Everything is optimized, tuned, organized, so the psychological stress in people is minimal, but physical stress is at the maximum, because in order to satisfy the maximum of your desires you need to work a lot.

We can say that everyone there is at the limit of their physical abilities. Therefore, there are good physical goods goods that save time and money. And the better they go, the better they unload. In fact, only innovative products go well in this market. Goods that are not needed and most and who want to sell, there is simply impossible to sell.

As you can see the answer to the question of what should be the strategy of export to the West is quite simple. You just need to offer the market what no one has offered to him yet. In turn, our companies basically have only what they don’t need themselves, with the exception of raw materials, which is why there’s a huge problem with sales of goods on the western market. However, just to offer something new, a little, it must also meet the real needs of consumers.

If you can’t offer something new, there’s nothing to do in Western markets.

This means that with the help of the products offered, consumers should be able to realize their ideas. Western businessmen understand this well, at least, those who manage to stay on the market for a long time and who use modern marketing script. They do not just understand this, but also conduct business based on this premise; they are constantly looking for and offering something new to their customers. Well, customers are accustomed to the constant search for something new.

The surplus economy of the West, in contrast to the deficit economy of the East, creates money. Therefore, all seek to enter the market of the West to earn money. This is not possible for everyone, but only for those who offer the West something really new.

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