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20 minute rule or tomato technique

This time management and concentration technique was invented by Francesco Chirillo as a student.

The main idea came to me in the late 80s, I then studied at the initial courses of the university. When the excitement from the surrender of the first session subsided, I felt a recession and great confusion. “- writes Francesco in the preface of his book.

“Every day I came to the university, listened to lectures, and came back with a terrible feeling that I wasn’t doing anything, that I was just wasting my time. Exams were approaching with great speed, and it was impossible to postpone it anymore.”

“When I looked at my fellow students, and at myself, it became clear that the basis of my troubles was low concentration and a lot of distracting things.

And then I argued with myself:
“Can you learn – really learn – at least 10 minutes.”
The judge was the timer in the form of a tomato which I found in the kitchen (or in Italian pomodoro) – so I found my tomato ”

“As it was not humiliating, but for the first time I lost. But the idea captured me. And practicing day after day, I managed to study successfully, and then work.”


Write down all the tasks you need to complete on the activity sheet.
At the beginning of each day, write down the tasks that need to be solved today in descending order of importance.

1) Select the first unsolved problem.
2) Set the timer for 25 minutes.
3) Without distracting working on the problem until the timer works.
4) We mark with a cross in the list the task we worked on.
5) Take a short break – 5 minutes.

We work until the task is completed.
Every four tomatoes make a big break – 15-20 minutes.


– Tomato is not divisible.

– If the task is longer than 5-7 tomatoes, break it into several tasks.

– If less than one tomato combine it with another petty task.

– When the tomato is over – it rings.

– Every next tomato goes easier.

– Do not use tomatoes for recreation.
Just relax without these damn tomatoes …

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