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How to make a client a fan of the company?

The Pareto rule in sales works no less efficiently than in other areas. It has long been proven that 20% of the most loyal and loyal customers give 80% of the company’s profits, and the remaining 80% of customers – only 20% of the profits. However, the majority of business owners, sales managers and sales professionals are working hard to increase the second 80% of customers, while it is worthwhile to concentrate on the first 20%. This article will discuss how to work with clients so that they become your loyal fans and gradually increase the number of the first 20%, and, consequently, the volume of 80% of the profits.

If you are responsible for sales in your company, or for business development, then the tricks that you will learn from this article are the shortest way to take your company to another level and achieve the revolutions that were planned. These strategies are suitable for small and medium businesses. They do not require large investments from you, and some of them are generally free, but they are very effective.

No repeat sales anywhere

Companies everywhere fail in business because they do not have a sufficient number of customers who buy on a regular basis. Their efforts are more focused on attracting customers, but they don’t care at all what to do next. Thus, they are constantly spinning like a squirrel in a wheel: they attract customers, and they, having made a purchase, without bringing almost any profit, go to the competitors. It is reliably known that selling an existing client is 4-6 times cheaper than attracting a new one.

Every day the competition is growing, technologies are improving. All this leads to the fact that attracting a customer becomes more expensive, and if you do not make repeat sales, the profit will be minimal or even zero.

If you want, finally, to change the situation in your company, you probably think what you can do and where to start.
Below you will see several approaches that will increase the number of repeat sales due to the fact that customers will become your loyal fans.

Create a product or service of proper quality and solve customer problems

Please note that a product or service of “proper quality”, i.e. Quality should be what customers expect to see. It must match the price in their minds. With good marketing, you can sell almost everything, even frankly low-quality goods. But when your customer unwraps the package and, under a beautiful candy wrapper, finds out not what he expected, he will be disappointed.

Create a product line

Perhaps your product or service belongs to those that end and need to be bought again and again, such as food or hygiene products. But if this is not the case, then without a product line you won’t make repeat purchases.

Your lineup should include cheap, medium and expensive products / services, products and services for different categories of clients: for men and women, etc.

If you are not able to produce new products, unite with partners, with your competitors, create profitable alliances, offer their products and services, receiving remuneration for it. Your businesses will benefit from this.

Having several products allows you to do pre-sales (upsell) and cross-sell (cross-sell).

• Up sell is a proposal for a more advanced version of the product, instead of the one that the customer originally ordered, aimed at increasing the receipt.
• Cross sell is the sale of additional and related products and / or services to an already ordered product.

Develop several packages of your services / products and always offer customers a more expensive and advanced solution. A certain part of them will definitely agree to an improved version.

How can this be implemented: If a customer places an order on your website, then on the page of a successful order you should offer him additional products, or a more advanced version. Met: “With this product usually buy …”?

If the order is received by phone, train your sales managers to figure out the needs and offer additional products.

It would seem that a simple technique, virtually no cost. But how few businesses use it!

Get customer feedback and encourage open communication.

You are constantly in contact with customers and then you can better help them in solving their problems. Conduct a preliminary survey and identify the needs of your audience.

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